Turns out there's a searchable archive of every question asked on "Jeopardy!" so you can find all the mentions of your favorite people, things, and, of course, places. This surely includes Lubbock, right?

If you search a place, it will also tell you every contestant that was from there. Lubbock has only had four contestants on "Jeopardy!" They are:

Trey Morris, a medical student from Lubbock, Texas Season 18 player (2002-05-17).

Kirk Crumbley, an advertising creative director from Lubbock, Texas Season 17 player (2001-04-05).

Jason Rhode, a graduate student of philosophy from Lubbock, Texas Season 27 player (2011-04-19). v [Also my real life friend who looks like a young Alan Rickman and is hilarious in addition to being brilliant]

Tucker Pope, a junior from Texas A&M University from Lubbock, Texas 2014 College Championship 1st runner-up (semifinalist by wildcard): $50,000.

Here are all the questions from the show that mentioned Lubbock:

#7252, aired 2016-03-08TRAVELING ALONG ROUTE 66 $600: The only major city on Route 66 in Texas' upper panhandle; its attractions include Taylor's Texaco station [Answer is Amarillo, of course, but the contestant answered Lubbock]
#6838, aired 2014-05-14THE CITY $1000: Texas Tech was founded there in 1923
#6728, aired 2013-12-11THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY $400: In 1936 Buddy rocked into the world as Charles Hardin Holley in Lubbock in this state
#5977, aired 2010-09-14ROCK 'N OLD $1000: In 2006 Lubbock, Texas held a bash for what would have been this native son's 70th birthday
#5687, aired 2009-05-05ARCHAEOLOGY $600: In 1865 John Lubbock became the first to use this term referring to the "Old Stone Age" [John Lubbock has nothing to do with our Lubbock, we are named for T.S. Lubbock]
#4710, aired 2005-02-11STATES' FORMER GOVERNORS $400: James S. Hogg & Frances R. Lubbock [Frances is our T.S. Lubbock's brother]
#4446, aired 2003-12-29WHAT THE "L"?! $800: You'll find Texas Tech in this Texas town
#4204, aired 2002-12-05CITIES & TOWNS $800: Lubbock in this state was named for Thomas S. Lubbock, a Civil War Ranger
#3027, aired 1997-10-28PEOPLE IN HISTORY $200: Col. Thomas S. Lubbock, who had a city named for him, was a signer of this state's Declaration of Independence
#2714, aired 1996-05-23COUNTIES $200: Orange, Red River, Lubbock
#897, aired 1988-06-28MUSIC MAKERS $1000: After hearing Elvis live in his hometown of Lubbock, Texas, he switched to singing rock 'n' roll [Answer is Buddy Holly, of course!]
#70, aired 1984-12-14U.S. CITIES $500 (Daily Double): "Hub of the high plains" Mac Davis saw it in his rearview mirror

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