It's the most wonderful time of the year - Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The WWDC is a 4-day event in which Apple talks about its new products, upcoming software and, you know, just how amazing the company is.

We'll be keeping you updated before, during and after the event, which is set to kick off this Monday, June 6. Read on for the preview of this year's WWDC.

This year's agenda will be dominated by software - a strange move for Apple, which, historically, has kept most of its secrets safe until the WWDC event (new iPhone please?!). One confirmed agenda item is that Apple will show a new 'iCloud service.' We haven't heard exactly what it entails yet, but we're guessing it will be similar to Amazon and Google's recently released 'clouds,' which allow users to place pictures, video and other data in a virtual space for access from any device.

While Apple appears to be behind the competition here, The Wall Street Journal reports that the company has been busy getting support from major recording studios, something that Amazon and Google haven't done with their own clouds. It's also important to remember that Apple usually shows up slightly late to the game, but with a more successful product. (See: the iPod.)


Other expected reveals include a new iOS 5 for all iDevices and a new operating system for Macs, coined OSX Lion.

But we're not ruling out some type of hardware tease from the Apple team just yet. Nothing has been officially revealed thus far for iOS 5, but Apple has hosted a page for the upcoming OSX Lion. Click here to see the full rundown of features for the new Mac OS.

Excited yet? Want to go to the WWDC now? You can snatch up access at around $3,000 on eBay for the only tickets left to the sold-out event. Unannounced, Apple listed the tickets for sale on Monday and sold out within 10 hours - a new record for the event. The reason may be because of all the buzz around the revolutionary software that is planned to be revealed at the event, including the iCloud and the potential for a sneak peek at the iPhone 5 or next-gen MacBook.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be leading the event's keynote speech after returning from the medical leave he took "indefinitely" earlier this year. This may be the best announcement regarding the event thus far! It just wouldn't be the same without Jobs' antics and black turtleneck sweater.

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