Another day, another data breach. This is becoming an all too familiar story in this day and age.

This time it is Pizza Hut. 60,000 customers have been notified by Pizza Hut that their credit card information was compromised between October 1st and 2nd. Not just the cards, but the CVV number and full address information.

From our BFF's at The Consumerist:

The security intrusion at issue impacted a small percentage of our customers and we estimate that less than one percent of the visits to our website over the course of the relevant week were affected,” the letter reads. “That said, we regret to say that we believe your information is among the impacted group.”

Some customers were not happy, to say the least:

@TheRealBrianGannon on Twitter
@TheRealBrianGannon on Twitter

I am not sure if anyone in the Lubbock area was affected by this breach. I contacted 3 local Pizza Hut locations, 2 knew nothing about this and the other one referred me to their franchise office who have not returned my phone calls. (Will update if that changes.)

Just be careful with your cards and information.


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