Wolfforth coffee shop, Tumbleweeds + Sage Coffeehouse, recently shared an email they received from a disgruntled customer in order to publicly share what the coffee shop stands for.

A former customer of the coffee shop apparently saw that the business supports the LGBT+ community on their Google Business page. This disgusted the customer so much that they decided they needed to email the business to let them know that they were disappointed and would only return as a customer if the shop “had a change of heart.” They also believe that it is bad for businesses to have a “badge of shame” showing that they are “promoting homosexual behavior.”

Tumbleweed + Sage took this email as an opportunity to share their position and make it clear that they are a safe space for everyone. No matter your sexual orientation, body type, religion, color, or political beliefs, they do not discriminate against anyone. They did not say anything bad about the customer that sent the email, only recognized that their business might not be suited for them if they do not support inclusivity and non-discrimination.

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I understand that there will always be people in the world, especially in Texas, that do not support the LGBT+ community. However, as a member of the community, I find it incredibly hurtful and upsetting to see people think that being inclusive is somehow a bad thing. I am incredibly thankful for businesses like Tumbleweed + Sage showing their support and defending communities that are often discriminated against.

I know I’m not the only person to feel this way because there are hundreds of comments on the Facebook post showing gratitude for the coffee shop. There are even people stating that they will go out of their way and drive across town to support the shop. Let this be a message to other businesses around Lubbock that it is okay to stand up for what you believe in, because there will always be people that disagree with you, but there is also a large community out there looking to support inclusive businesses.

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