When I think "majestic champion", I think of the winners of Wienerschnitzel's competition- the Wiener Nationals. The bravest, boldest, well actually just the fastest and least distracted wiener dog takes home $500 and glory for a lifetime.

The Wiener Nationals are back Saturday, March 3rd. Registration and check-in begins at 9 a.m. and the preliminary races begin at 10 a.m. I highly recommend having your paperwork done ahead of time. Preliminaries are held on the Texas Tech recreation field adjacent to the Recreation Center. Free parking is available at the Rec Center as well.

The dogs that qualify go on to compete at the TTU vs TCU half time show.

I had the joy of attending the preliminaries last year and it is possibly the cutest and most hilarious event all year. Half of the dachshunds get immediately confused on the race track and just wonder around- but there's always champions that just "get it" and go for gold.  Last year's winner was Hartlie, and Gunny has taken gold twice.

For more information, including registration documents and a map of where to go on Texas Tech campus, click here for their website.




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