According to FBI statistics dating back to 2013 (which frankly haven't changed much), Lubbock's murder rate per capita, rape, robbery and aggravated assault all come into play big time.

First off, Lubbock is the no. 2 most violent city in Texas. But a local insurance company went a step further, compiling other reasons why Lubbock is dangerous. Topping the online list at Hettler Insurance Agency is drunk driving.

Did you know that Lubbock is number one in the United States for drunk driving fatalities? Is this due to the often poor road conditions (gravel, pot-holes, road closures, standing water, etc. )? Or the number of live music venues and bars, coupled with a lack of other nighttime activities around town and number of DUI arrests that happen annually in Lubbock?

Violent crime is up there, too, with Lubbock ranking 6th highest in the country with 808 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents. 'Violent Crime' takes into consideration assault, robbery, manslaughter and forcible rape.

Interestingly, our crazy weather is also a big factor. While it's been a while since we've seen a tornado touch down within the city limits, Lubbock is still located in the infamous Tornado Alley.

And while tornadoes aren't necessarily commonplace, violent storms in the spring with wind and haboobs kicking up dirt and taking down fences, trees and roof shingles along with storms that often bring heavy rainfall, hail, lightening and hurricane force winds are just about a guarantee every year.

Couple all that with hot summers and winter ice and snow (blizzard of 2015) and you've got a recipe for danger thanks to mother nature!

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