Lubbock is home to many unique things, such as the flatness of the terrain, a vibrant music scene, interesting sub-communities (Buffalo Springs Lake) and artwork (the world-famous Robert Bruno Steel House).

Due to the uniqueness of Lubbock, we also have some phrases and sayings that might have others saying 'excuse me?' or even invoke downright fear!

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    Guns up!

    This one arguably tops the list. So how the heck did this beloved phrase start?

    According to Texas Tech University, Texas Tech alum L. Glenn Tipple was living in Austin and apparently got tired of UT fans' "hook 'em horns" hand gesture. He looked to mascot Raider Red and his famous guns and developed the 'guns up!' hand sign. It was officially adopted in 1971 by both Texas Tech cheerleaders and the Saddle Tramps.

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    Wreck 'Em, Tech!

    This one apparently leads to heated debate.

    According to Bobby Popik, 'Wreck 'em, Tech' was part of a Texas Tech slogan (and part of their official fight song) and has long been used by the school. Red Raider Outfitter, however, claimed that the phrase wasn't trademarked when they began using it in merchandising.

    Commercial use of the phrase was first seen by Red Raider Outfitter in 1994, while Texas Tech had no documented use of it prior to 2001. It all led to a messy legal battle between two groups, which finally ended in 2007 when both sides settled.

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    Also called a toad-strangler, this is what locals commonly call those heavy spring rains we sometimes get on the South Plains. The land is so flat that the water simply doesn't have anywhere to go, thus choking all the toads and closing roads.

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    Raider Rash

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    Bangin' Bertha

    This one (surprisingly!) has absolutely zero to do with the above mentioned item.

    'Bertha' is a giant bell that's 'banged' by the Texas Tech Saddle Tramps to get students into the fighting spirit during football games. So, 'Bangin' Bertha' is a spirit raiser, not a deviant fraternity past-time.

    Here's Bangin' Bertha in action:


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