I have a bit of a dilemma. There are a couple of kids who have just started riding bikes up and down the sidewalk in my neighborhood. The two kids are new to riding so one is just off training wheels while the other is still using them. The little girl and boy have decided to use my carport as their turn around which wouldn't be a problem but my car is parked in the carport. I noticed Saturday there were a small pair of hand prints on the side of the car which means they had touched it while riding in and turning around. I'm concerned that the little boy who still needs training wheels and falls off the bike regularly will hit my car and scratch it with his bike. Who didn’t do that to mom or dads car growing up? We all did. Did we all admit it when we did… HECK NO!!!

So the question is do I talk to the kids and ask them to stay out of the carport or do I go down and talk to the parents? What would you do?

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