By this point almost everyone knows what girl dinner is and we even explained it but what about girl money? Like girl dinner the concept of girl money is one that revolves around a stereotype pertaining to girls/women. That concept being that when a woman on any sort of a budget happens to find cash that she didn't know about and didn't budget it into her expenses it's therefore called girl money. This is because it was not accounted for so it's basically a freebie for you to purchase something with that cash and say it was technically free.

I personally had never heard of girl money before this week started but came into my own girl money finding $87 in my pockets but I went against the rules of girl money. I did what I call cash and release where I took the cash I found it and released it into my bank account to save it. I know that all the girl money enthusiasts will be enraged to see it but I just need to save all that money for bills.

Another form of girl money is money that you have saved in your Venmo that you have forgotten to send to your main bank account and use that to purchase something, means it's free technically. This form of girl money is one way to spend money because it's not apart of your finances you used to budget. Also returning items for a full refund or getting something cheaper and getting the difference back in cash is seen as profiting because you walked into the store with a return and walked out with money. Purchasing an item online and spending a few dollars more to get a certain amount to qualify for free shipping is also part of the girl money concept.

So is the concept of girl money bad? Well it's a great way to look at life but I will try to stay away from using girl money in my everyday life because I am one of those people who can't control themselves. Have you ever used girl money in your everyday life as a way to justify spending cash you didn't know you had or returning something? Let us know in the comments.

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