There has been a trend recently of naming the easy and beautiful things in life after women. For instance girl dinner, girl math, and even glimmer moments but now a new trend is rising up. Girl shopping?

Let's go to the Mall!

So girl shopping seems like something that's been a thing because of the age old stereotype that all women love to shop. That's a stereotype, not all women love to shop. What exactly is girl shopping though because it seems like it's pretty self explanatory. Well girl shopping isn't just girls going to the mall or store and shopping around for what they need but is actually more a complex practice that takes a lot of self control.

Do Like I Do

Girl shopping is the act when girls go shopping and find something they must have or just really want and pick it up before stating how cute the item is. The tricky part is after girls state how cute or how much they want the item they then put it back without purchasing said item. It takes a lot of self control to see something you must have and put it back and forget about it completely.

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Be Real

This trend is something that a lot of people, not just women, do on a regular basis. Just find something they love and seem to have a plan for it instantly on what they could do with that item. Then they put it back and let that dream fade as fast as it came. Have you ever gone girl shopping? Let us know what item caught your attention that you put back.

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