You know why the movie "The Sixth Sense" is so dumb? Besides the fact that my dad spoiled it for me so I had to watch the whole damn thing knowing he was a ghost?

It's that every one has a sixth sense. Actually you have several more. And some people have more than others. One of the most important sense for your survival is proprioception, which is the awareness of your own body and how it interacts with objects- its why you can drive a car, wield a sword or even walk for that matter.

And some people have extra senses that not everyone else has. My dad and I are are some of those people. He has a form of synesthesia called Misophonia and I have ASMR. Both of which are fairly common but not everyone expereinces them. They aren't the super cool tasting colors are anything, but I think they are interesting anyway.

In this video we relay our experiences with our senses (forgive the last bit where I can't turn off the camera- I said I have an extra sense, not that I'm extra smart)

By the way, the song I like so much is John Bellion's "All time Low"- when i hear him breathe my shoulders relax instantly. In addition to the good chill and the ouch chill I mentioned i also have a third- I call it the "intense" chill, which I get when people talk too long and it starts to bother me. The feeling shoots down my spine so quickly and strongly that it actually turns my head involuntarily. I'm sure that's very attractive to an onlooker.

Anyway, all of this is to say that if you have one of these extra senses- don't feel weird or creepy or alone- be proud to be different. No matter who you are, your brain is unique and there are things about it that make you a very important member of the human race. Enjoy your ride, whatever it is.


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