Are you an adventurous eater? Do you love to travel our beautiful state? Then it might be time to plan a road trip to the weirdest Texas eateries as featured on the Travel Channel and Food Network.


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    Woodshed Smokehouse

    Fort Worth, TX

    Woodshed Smokehouse was featured on Bizarre Foods America on the Travel Channel in April of 2014:

    If game meat is your way of life, then check out Woodshed Smokehouse for some venison backstrap served with grilled and roasted hen of the woods mushrooms, resting on a bed of braised lamb belly, shallot, and roasted garlic pureed in a bone broth.

    That sounds... incredible actually. I'm totally willing to try game meat if it's anything as sumptuous as this description makes it out to be.

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    Outlaw Chef Catering (Fred's Texas Cafe)

    Fort Worth, TX

    Featured on Food Network's Outrageous Foods:

    Outlaw Chef Catering makes food the way it was made way back when. With chuck wagon in tow, Chef Terry Chandler delivers a unique gastronomic catering experience. For an authentic cowboy plate, try the famous Son of a Gun Stew, comprised of cow's tongue, beef cheeks and more.

    Despite make food from the more, erm, interesting parts of the cow, Outlaw Chef, also known as Fred's Texas Cafe, has stellar reviews and some epic looking bacon fries.

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    Revolver Taco Lounge

    Dallas, TX

    Revolver Taco Lounge was also featured on Travel channel's Bizarre Foods America, and for obvious reasons:

    At The Revolver Taco Lounge, authentic Michoacan food is homemade. Try their beef kidneys braised in chilies, Michoacan salsa and Moronga -- blood pudding with intestines, stomach lining, heart and goat blood served in a fresh tortilla.

    Mmmm... goat blood. I'd probably love it if you didn't tell me what it was.

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    Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ

    Fort Worth, TX

    And another entry on Bizarre Foods America is Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ, but not for weird animal parts per se:

    Coopers specializes in the hot and fast Hill Country Style barbecue. Try their beef brisket, pork ribs and Big Chop -- a 2-inch thick pork chop dunked in a thin vinegar dip made with the meat drippings.

    Unless you count drippings as a weird animal part. I think it's more of an unusual cooking technique than a strange food type. Everybody knows the drippings are the yummiest part.

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