Barring a veto of HB 1935 from Governor Greg Abbott himself, as a Texan it will soon be your right to carry any blade, sword, spear, scimitar, khopesh, spadroon, dao, rapier, etc. that you dang well please.

For many years, any blade over 5.5 inches long was illegal to carry in Texas -- which has always been sort of ironic considering how comparatively lax gun carry laws are in the Lone Star State. It also makes sense to relax blade laws given the new-ish open carry gun laws that passed just two years ago.

The bill received bi-partisan support, according to Lone Star Voice Online:

The bill had bipartisan appeal, stemming from Republicans’ general favor for bearing arms for self-defense, and Democrats’ practical concerns that racial minorities are disproportionately penalized for the possession of illegal knives.

Unless Gov. Abbott vetoes, the bill will go into effect September 1st of this year. Time to brush up on those wielding skills.

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