I think it's important to set up the ground rules when you do a list (I wish more list authors would do this). You need to know what kind of field you're playing on.


First off, I can only judge based on the places I've been to and the experiences I had.

Next, the term underrated. To me, it means places that don't get the credit they deserve. On the flip side, that's why you won't see Orlando's or The Breakfast House on here; everybody knows they're great and they're talked about all the time.

Also, when I say Lubbock restaurants, I don't mean just restaurants that are here, but restaurants that are exclusive, home-owned places.

Also, Mean Woman Grill would have probably made the list, but they are currently closed (with some possibility of re-opening).

Now that you know the rules, let's go.

  • 1

    Thai Kitchen

    I am a BIG fan of this place. They opened up not long ago at 2302 Texas Avenue. The place used to be a used car lot and features covered parking because of it.

    You head inside and everything is clean and nice. All the items on the menu are what I'd call very inexpensive (around $6.75) and that is for a BIG plate of food. I had the Drunken Noodles and the Shrimp Balls (because they're hilarious). This is some spicy stuff!

    So far everyone in my extended family and most of my friends have visited and everyone has went away really happy.

  • 2

    Cagle's Steaks

    How can I put Cagle's Steaks on an underrated list Simple. They are out in the boonies and are worth driving past every single freaking other steak place in town to get there -- meaning they don't have the flash of franchises, but they deliver the best beef on a plate.

    They are at 8732 4th Street (yeah, that's a thing). Have a look at their menu.

  • 3

    Anna's Mexican Restaurant

    This is where I take friends when they want to go to a Mexican restaurant. I think Anna's is right in the pocket for when people say they want Mexican Food.

    I'm a big fan of the "Don Juan," which is an awesome smothered burrito. I've actually had a least a half dozen items from the menu and they were all good. Great salsa too. They're located at 6909 Indiana Ave.

  • 4

    The Shrimp Galley

    The Shrimp Galley is a funny place. Any time you go in there it kind of looks a bit like a senior center. I don't mind, because apparently the old school Lubbock folks knows a good deal when they taste it.

    Love the shrimp, love the fish, but skip the fries and go for the rice or baked potato. Located at 5109 82nd St. Here's their online stuff.

  • 5

    The Ranch House

    The Ranch House has been around since 1972. Think about that...44 years. They are tucked away at 1520 Buddy Holly, so they tend to be forgotten about. Still, you're not going to get better fried chicken or home-style cooking than at the Ranch House.

  • 6

    Taqueria Jalisco

    Oh yeah, this is the real deal. In fact, it can be a little too real and authentic for some folks.

    This place feels more like you're eating in some Mama's kitchen than even in a restaurant. I love it, but it can be a little overwhelming to people who think all Mexican food is covered with two handfuls of American cheese.

    Taqueria Jalisco makes their home at 2211 Avenue Q.

  • 7

    Fortune Cookie

    Some of you have really lost your taste for good Chinese food. Sorry, the best isn't served out of bucket at a buffet. When you go to Fortune Cookie, the food tastes like it was chopped fresh for you right before it was served. Everything is crispy and tasty and has that "pop" that buffets lose in the warming and re-warming process. You can find them at 7006 University Ave.


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