The most spectacular live concert and audio-visual experience to ever hit Lubbock is returning for like the 100th time after Thanksgiving, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra! You should see this show this holiday season.

I've seen TSO, as all of us cool kids call them, 4 times now. And its always different and always amazing every time. It is the most expensive and expansive concert experience Lubbock has ever seen and that is a fact.

Not only does Al Pitrelli, the lead guitarist and co-founder of TSO, always promise a new show, he is a genuinely amazing human being. TSO generously donates at least $1 from every ticket sold to a local charity in every place they visit. So you get an amazing show and help our community out too.

Get tickets at this link and watch this video to see just a tiny bit of what goes into a TSO event.

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