One of the founders of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and one of its violinists was in Lubbock for a week. Mark Wood taught a huge class and played with over 1,000 Lubbock music students. I've heard it broke a Guinness record too.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is in Lubbock this Saturday night and if you've never seen this show you need to try to see it once in your life. One of the many reasons this band is so amazing is that the members of TSO do so much for community organizations everywhere they tour it makes you wonder when they have time to practice.

For example, violinist Mark Wood and his Electrify Your Strings Tour was in Lubbock last week. At the finale of the week-long camp for stringed instrument players was a huge jam. This jam included Wood, his band The Mark Wood Experience, Mark's colleagues Haydn Vitera and Val Vigoda, the Texas Tech Orchestra and I believe over 1,300 Lubbock ISD string students.

I'll double check on that Guinness World Record, but for now you can watch this insane jam that happened at the South Plains Fair Coliseum.


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