Summer is here, it's 9000 degrees and we are all thirsty.

Luckily Lubbock is home to some really tasty summer drinks. Here are my top 5 drinks and places to get them, in no particular order.

  • The Library Bar
    The Library Bar

    Cucumber Chilton at The Library Bar

    1701 Texas Ave

    Everyone in Lubbock knows all about the Chilton-  a Lubbock classic. Take it to a whole 'nuther level of refreshment by indulging in the Cucumber Chilton, available at The Library Bar.

  • via Crafthouse Gastropub
    via Crafthouse Gastropub

    Pomelo at The Crafthouse Gastropub

    3131 34th St

    Not only does The Crafthouse Gastropub have incredible brunch food options- the brunch drinks are unbelievably delicious. Three of those cocktails are pictured here including their house mimosa, their bloody mary and a special of the day beer based cocktail. My favorite however is not pictured, because I slurped it down too quickly. the Pomelo is a gorgeous cocktail made of cimmaron tequila, lime and grapefruit juices, red chili lime salt and champagne.

  • Renee, Townsquare Media
    Renee, Townsquare Media

    Mermaid Water at La Sirena

    2610 Salem Ave

    La Sirena is a absolutely lovely restaurant tucked away romantically in the Cactus Alley courtyard. Their signature Mermaid Water cocktail is refreshing and deceptively light. Watch out, these effervescent and crisp cocktails are made with plenty of premium tequila.

  • The Garden Via Facebook
    The Garden Via Facebook

    Frozen Jack & Coke at The Garden

    1801 Buddy Holly

    The Garden screams great summer vibes all around- it is an outdoor venue in the heart of the Depot District- complete with outdoor party games and an amazing in-house taco truck. Their Frozen Jack & Cokes are so tasty and pack a delicious punch. The texture of a frozen daiquiri with the front porch flavor of Jack- that's my kind of drink.

  • via Flippers Tavern
    via Flippers Tavern

    Karbach Blood Orange Radler at Flippers Tavern

    1406 Avenue Q

    Flippers is an excellent bar to meet and hang with friends. It's also a great destination for many craft beer choices including the summer beer of 2018 (in my opinion, anyways)- Karbach Blood Orange Radler. Karbach is a Texas craft brewery and this particular beer is an incredibly refreshing, fruity and not-too-sweet.

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