Hey everyone! Believe or not, I've been doing Mobile DJ events for over 15 years and I want to help you find the best DJ for your wedding. All of the weddings I've DJ'd (way over 100), have taken place in Texas, so I know sometimes there are special needs for the Lone Star State.  So, I've complied this list of questions to ask when finding the best wedding DJ for your event.

1. Do you charge per hour or by the event and do you require a deposit?  This is always important to avoid any big "gotcha" bill at the end of the event. I charge per hour so there are clear cut terms when when signing that DJ contract. Some DJ will do a "non-refundable" deposit. This is understandable due to loss of possible jobs for booking another event.  Always ask how much of a deposit - some DJs will do as low as $100, some will require half of the total event. The deposit is usually due when the contract is signed.

2. Do you charge for set-up and/or breakdown?  This is another charge a DJ may tack on.  The event is from 4p to 8p, but you are charged 6 hours instead of four because the DJ charges for set-up.  I personally base my price on event time only, but I can set-up pretty quick.  Make sure this is clear before signing the DJ contract.

3. Do you charge for multiple set-ups? In Texas, many venues will have two areas - a chapel for the ceremony and a hall for the reception.  If you require the DJ to play music at both, this is sometimes called a "Multiple Set-up."  You could be charged for the DJ to move his or her equipment.

4. Do you have a wedding format sheet I can fill out? Most DJ's usually have something that gets them organized for event.  Maybe a google shared doc, a website for you to add information or just a plain form, but it's something to show you they are professional and have done this before.  I send out a one-sheet that covers all event possibilities. You definitely want someone who will be able to keep track of things on your dream day.

5. What kind of system/equipment will you bring to the event? You don't have to learn what make and model of what equipment they have, but you do want to be reassured they will fit your needs.  If they have a mixer and two speakers that will usually cover the territory for you.

6. Will you require internet service? Some DJs use Apple Music and Spotify to do weddings.  This is fine until you are in the middle of nowhere with bad internet service. I have multiple ways to play my music because a wedding is a once in a lifetime event (let's hope).  So, while using the Wi-Fi is fine, make sure they are prepared in all situations.

7. What kind of Icebreakers do you use in getting people to dance? This should be an easy question for an established DJ. Line Dances- Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, etc. If the don't know these or even what the word "ice breakers" is -run!

8. Do you have any first dance suggestions? Is always nice to know that your DJ has a bit of musical knowledge. Or, at least has had good experiences with the first dance at a wedding. If they can rattle off a few songs suggestions without hesitating - you should be in good shape.

9. Do you do special dances like the Dollar Dance or the Anniversary Dance? Hopefully, the DJ you're talking to has performed these special dances before.  In my experience in doing Texas weddings, most of the time I either do one or the other at an event.

10. How long have you personally been doing this? The key word is "personally." You could be talking to a DJ that's been hired by a company that's been around for 20 years. However, they could have just been hired two months ago. So, it's always good to check.

Hopefully this helps all my brides and grooms to be - good luck!

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