MTV2 has been running re-runs of "In Living Color," the FOX Network sketch comedy series that ran from 1990-1994. I have forgotten how incredible the cast was and how halliarious the characters were. Let's take a look at the Top 10 sketches from those 4 unforgettable years of American television.

  • Wanda - Massage Parlor

    Long before Jamie Foxx showed us his depth and range as a legit Hollywood actor he made us laugh like no other by spreading his lips. His hideous looks, complete with the curly blonde wig, were made perfect with the ever-popular catch phrase, “I’m gon rock your world.”

  • Homey D. Clown - Goes To School

    Homey D. Clown, what a perfect role model for the kids. We watched these skits with baited breath waiting for him to hit somebody up against the head.

  • Men On Film

    Damon and David really and truly embraced their characters. Though neither man is gay, you could have sworn they were in those 10 minute skits. The sexual innuendos, that ridiculous hat that Damon wore and the phrase “hated it” all made this skit a classic.

  • Buffed, Beautiful and Bitchin'

    One of Jim Carrey's most famous characters of all time, Vera Damilo.

  • Mr. Ugly Man

    “In Living Color” had a way of making you feel like a jerk while you laughed your behind off. We all knew that Shabba Ranks wasn’t exactly Rico Suavé but after this skit we couldn’t even listen to the original “Mr Lover Man” without seeing Marlon’s face plastered up against that window.

  • Calhoun Tubbs (Senator Helmsley)

    Calhoun Tubbs has contributed so much to our daily dialogue. How many times have you heard or you yourself have said, “Wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Here it Go.” Not only that, to this day I have a friend who says “aaahhh haaaa” when she thinks she’s made a salient point.

  • MC Hammer

    Tommy Davidson’s physical comedy is the best! You can tell he really commits to his characters in a way that will have you visualizing an entirely different person. This skit is no different. From those pants swallowing him up to Tommy hopping around on those chicken legs of his… awesome.

  • Booked On Phonics

    We all know at least one somebody who likes to pretend like they know what they’re talking about; but end up sounding like a fool. This was Oswald Bates. He ran with his prison education and started doing the absolute most (and least) at the same time.

  • Fire Marshall Bill in National Fire Safety Week

    What more can I say... Fire Marshal Bill

  • Reporter Spends The Night With Anton

    Anton, yet another Damon Wayans character, was a thrifty homeless man. Claiming to be the secret love-child of Joe Jackson, Anton obviously feel on some hard times as he was living in a cardboard box. He never ceased to amaze us with the way he made do.

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