Every state has their unique share of names, but these Texas towns have something extra special about them.

When I think of fun city names around Texas, I think about places like Bigfoot, Gun Barrel City, Frognot, Tarzan, Bug Tussle, and other unique names. There are also towns that are named after other parts of the world including Paris, Athens, Liverpool, Florence, and Moscow.

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One category of names that I never thought about until recently are places with food-themed names.

Apparently, there are a few towns across Texas with some tasty names. You might think the names would be based on certain food that was farmed there or maybe even traded through them back in the day, but that is not the case for these towns. If that were the case then they would likely be named things like ‘Dairy’, ‘Pecan’, or ‘Sorghum’.

Keep scrolling to see what these Tasty Texas Towns are named and learn a tidbit about their history.

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Now that you know more about these tasty towns, you might be considering taking a road trip out to see one in person. If that is the case, then you want to be careful on the road. Some Texas counties are extra hazardous to drive through due to a high rate of car wrecks.

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