Texas is full of a variety of great food museums, from the Dr Pepper Museum to the Best Made Pickle Emporium. One food museum that I only recently learned about is the Museum of Ice Cream located in Austin, Texas.

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The museum’s official website describes the space as follows:

“Celebrate the joy of uninhibited playtime and unlimited desserts in a vibrant wonderland of immersive installations. Rediscover your inner child on a colourful journey that includes riding an animal cookie, a tunnel of over a thousand bananas and the world-famous sprinkle pool! Designed to be a safe space for human connection and learning through play, Museum of Ice Cream is the sweetest spot in Austin for unforgettable frosty fun.”

It looks like a great place to take colorful photos, learn about all sorts of ice cream, and simply have a great time with friends and family. As an ice cream lover, I feel like this is one of those must-see museums like the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you are an influencer, or want some really cool pictures as a keepsake, this seems like a great place for it. Everything looks to be red and pink themed, so dress up to match, and take some darling pics with your friends.

Along with the unlimited ice cream, photo opportunities, and fun, the Museum of Ice Cream also has a café, bar, and retail shop available to the public, so you don’t have to buy a ticket to the museum to enjoy those three amenities.

If you want to learn more, you can find information on the Museum of Ice Cream’s official website.

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