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Living in a place like Lubbock, Texas can be a challenge if you have any special dietary needs. Especially for those of us that are vegetarian or vegan.

No matter the reason you chose a plant-based diet, whether it is for health, ethics, or allergies, you deserve to have access to food that fits your dietary restrictions. While most of us have gotten really good at scoping out what places are easy for us to eat at, and know our safe restaurants, sometimes you want to branch out and try something new.

Fortunately, there is a great veggie community here in Lubbock that aims to help people find the best food in town to fit their needs. Hub City Veg is a non-profit organization in Lubbock that provides support for plant-based eating, and they have a list of restaurants in town that are veggie friendly, including what is plant-based on their menus.

The full list is available on their official website and is categorized based on the type of food served at each establishment. The list has everything from breakfast to dessert and includes a variety of cuisines from Asian to Italian.

Some of my favorites that are on the list are Flippers Tavern, Twisted Root, and Urban Brick. There are also plenty of restaurants on the list that I didn’t even know had vegan options. A lot of restaurants don’t advertise their vegan options, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Sometimes you just have to ask and you might be pleasantly surprised.

If you want to stay up to date with vegan food in Lubbock, I suggest joining the Vegan in Lubbock Facebook group and seeing what Lubbock has to offer.

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