There are many historic places all around Texas, but one recently caught my eye. As a family-run business that creates delicious products, Dublin Bottling Works is truly iconic.

Dublin Bottling Works

You might be familiar with their bold flavored and brightly colored sodas. From classic Cream Soda and Cola to more unique flavors like Cherry Limeade and Fru Fru Berry, they have been bottling soda since 1891.

They were the first soda bottling plant in Texas and the first facility to bottle Dr Pepper. They no longer bottle the iconic Texas soda, but it will always be a major part of their history.

Dublin Bottling Works
Dublin Bottling Works

The plant is in Dublin, Texas and has been functioning for 129 years and counting.

It was originally run by the Prim family until Elizabeth Prim Lyon passed away in 1991. Having not had any children to pass the business to, she left it to her general manager and longest working employee, Bill Kloster. The company has been kept under the Kloster family ever since.

One of the things that really sets them apart from other facilities is that they have always, and plan to continue to always use cane sugar in their soda.

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Elizabeth was the one to make that choice in 1975 when the soda industry took a major turn toward using corn syrup. Despite the higher cost of using sugar, she stuck with it, and it is something that really makes them stand out and helps maintain a loyal fanbase.

Today, you can find their soda across Texas and throughout the United States. You can also visit and tour the facility in Dublin, Texas.

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