Everyone has those comfort foods at the grocery store that they absolutely adore and hope they never disappear from the shelves. For many people, especially those of us living in the south, they are Sister Schubert’s frozen foods.

If you love Sister Schubert’s, specifically the sausage wrap rolls, I have some sad news. As of the week before Thanksgiving, Sister Schubert’s officially discontinued the sausage wrap rolls. They said that the rolls being discontinued were due to a lack of demand for the product, leading them to not sell very well. So, if those were your favorite holiday treat, I’m sorry to say that they are no more.

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Sister Schubert’s did say that they will be replacing the sausage wrap rolls with the sausage pinwheels. However, they are very different products. The rolls were small whole sausage links wrapped in a biscuit-like dough, while the pinwheels will be larger with smaller bits of sausage in the biscuit dough, along with some cheese.

The changes to their products don’t stop there. My personal favorite product of theirs recently changed as well, the cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon rolls were changed from smaller bite-sized rolls to larger ones with a cream cheese frosting. Fortunately, this change isn’t as drastic, because it is just the size of the rolls that changed.

So, I am sorry to say that all my Sister Schubert’s sausage wrap roll lovers won’t be finding them in stores anymore, but they do still carry their other delicious frozen foods, despite some possible cosmetic changes.

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