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I've actually only been to H-E-B a few times since it's a bit far from where I live in Lubbock. I'm definitely a United Supermarkets girl. But there are Texans out there who will complain about missing their H-E-B.

A video on TikTok recently went viral for claiming H-E-B is many Texans' favorite grocery store.

Travis Danforth, a TikToker who makes videos all about what it’s like living in Texas, recently posted a video explaining why Texans will say "I miss my H-E-B" when they're out of state. From affordability to easy navigation, he has some interesting points.

Danforth’s reasons why Texan love H-E-B include:

  • Everything you need in one place
  • Open late
  • Easy to navigate
  • Low prices
  • It is not just a grocery store; it is a part of Texan culture

Many commenters agreed with the video, talking about all the things they love about H-E-B.

Even though I'm not originally from Texas and I'm much more partial toward United Supermarkets and Market Street, it's easy to understand all of the reasons Danforth lists as to why many Texans love H-E-B.

I remember how excited everyone in Lubbock was when H-E-B announced they were opening a location here. The store was so busy for the first few weeks that it was almost impossible to even find a parking spot. Folks would probably be just as excited to get a second location in another part of the city as well.

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