Until minutes ago when I stumbled across this Facebook page, I had never heard of Alström Angels. Now I'm so glad that I have! And come Easter Sunday, you'll be glad, too.

Alström syndrome is a complicated disease with many facets to it. One of which is blindness in children. Which is what makes this concept so amazingly awesome!

So the group Alström Angels is putting on a beeping Easter egg hunt for visually impaired and blind children. It's not just that, though. Adults and sighted children can hunt the eggs too with blindfolds.

Not only does that give everyone involved a slightly better understanding of what these kids go through, but it also makes for a very fair Easter egg hunt.

Check out their Facebook post about this amazing event.

Did you know?Even grown-ups can hunt BEEPING Easter Eggs!Join us Sunday, March 29th 1-4pm Maxey Park in Lubbock...

Posted by Alström Angels on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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