Yes, this video of our very own Texas Tech students not knowing even the simplest facts about American history and politics is embarrassing. But it was also 2014, so you can stop spreading it around now.

The video showing a small group of Texas Tech students taht didn't know who won the Civil War or name the current Vice President of the United States was hilarious (in a very sad way). But they knew who Brad Pitt was married to, and that right there should show you how old this video is and why you should stop spreading it around.

If you want to crack on how smart (or stupid) Texas Tech students are, why don't you go make a new video with new students, then show the entire video, not just the wrong answers.

I'm not an uber Texas Tech supporter by any means, and I don't take offense to someone calling our school out for something as dumb as this. But this video already went around and we took our beating over it.

In this age of the internet, you would figure that someone would have done a new video by now. Maybe I will.

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