Texas Tech will once again be participating in Recyclemania for the fourth year in a row. This eight-week event stretches all over the US and through Canada in efforts to raise awareness about recycling and taking care of our Earth.

This event starts Monday and the recycling center will host a table near the Student Union Building several times during the competition. Information on upcoming events can be found here.

Melanie Tatum, unit assistant director in Sustainability and Warehouse Operations, hopes that this year will top the last year's crop of about four lbs. of recyclables per student. Last year, Texas Tech finished 248 out of 311 universities.

“We beat the University of Texas in 2014,” Tatum said. “For us, where we live, recycling is not a way of life. So for us to beat them, that’s a pretty big accomplishment.”

For on campus drop offs, items will be collected from bins in the residences halls and the academic buildings. Items that can be recycled include: paper, plastic and glass, certain metals, textiles and foam.

A recycling station located behind Housing Services on Main Street between Flint Avenue and Hartford Avenue is available for off campus students and other members of the community to drop off recyclables. Items must be clean and bagged before placing them in the bins.

All collected items will be sold and fed back into the Sustainability Scholarships. In the past three years, Texas Tech has awarded $55,000 in these scholarships.

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