Can Texas be sultry, sexy or suggestive? Well, according to the census,  as of May 2022 - there are 970 cities, 228 towns, and 23 villages in the state of Texas.  So, you know some of names of these municipalities can be perceives as sultry, sexy or even suggestive. Well, our crack research team has found those city names that are more spicy than the others.  Yes, these are real cities, villages or towns in the Lone Star State.

Bangs - Get your mind out the gutter!  Bangs Texas was named after a guy named Samuel Bangs.  He was a printer in the Texas Revolution and got the land as a gift.  Wow- he must have printed a lot.  In1948,  Future President Lyndon Johnson visited Bangs (which had only 700 residents) when he was running for Senate.  I can see the newspaper headline now "Johnson Bangs Texas!"  Bangs is located west-central Texas.

Johnson City - Nuff said...come to your own conclusions...I am not touching this one.  FUN FACT: Johnson City was named for early Texas settler Sam E. Johnson, Sr.

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Knippa- This naughty sounding town was actually created by the Census in 2010.  It is a CDP, a census-designed place, with only 689 people.

Wink- Everyone loves a cute wink, but this Wink (according to it's Wikipedia page), located in West Texas was a home for lawlessness, prostitution and gambling in the 1920's.  However, things settled down and even singer Rob Orbison lived there for a while.  Currently, Wink has just under one thousand residents.

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Flower Mound- This pleasant sounding town is just 20 miles north of Dallas. Of all of the "towns" in Texas, Flower Mount is the biggest with over 20 thousand residents.  To add to it's sultriness, it's nickname is "FloMo."

Knox City- This Texas town just had just over one thousand people. The women outnumber the men in Knox City.  If you are single male looking for a relationship, this may be the town for you.

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Poteet- Know for it's sexy "Poteet Strawberry Festival," this city near San Antonio gets it's name from it's postmaster - must been a really good one - Francis Marion Poteet. It is also where country legend George Strait was born.

Dickinson- Like Johnson City - I'm gonna leave this one alone.  FUN FACT:  Dickinson is a city in Galveston county with 20 thousand plus residents. And, I DJ'd the prom for Dickinson High School a few years back.

Mount Pleasant- This city in Titus County is located in Northwest, Texas. It's warm sounding name and population of 16 thousand makes Mount Peasant sound like a nice sexy place to live.

Grandview- This optically-seasoned town is in Johnson County in and east of Forth Worth. It sounds like a nice place to take in all the sites.

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