Fun Do Ellie And Vice Versa
Ellie Goulding covered Fun's "Some Nights" for a BBC Radio show last year. Now Fun has returned the favor and covered Ellie's "Anything Could Happen" on the same BBC Radio show.
MTV's Top 10 of 2012
KISS FM's Top 102 of 2012 is going down New Year's Eve starting at 10 AM right after the Bobby Bones Show. We're not revealing our top tracks yet, but I can guarantee you that all of these songs are in there for sure.
Here are Some Fun New Christmas Songs for 2012, On Demand! [AUDIO]
It's always tricky around the holidays to find which new Christmas songs don't suck. And which bands have done versions of Christmas classics that also don't suck. Well we're done trying to pick. So we're just going to give you a bunch of them and you can listen to your favorites whenever you want to...