The cold weather over the past few days gave Lubbock some hope that we might see a white Christmas this year. Unfortunately, in true Lubbock fashion, the weather is warming back up and that dream of playing in the snow after opening presents is gone.

Despite the below-freezing temps over the past few days, things are about to get pretty toasty. The weather forecast says that after today, the next few days will see a low in the 50s and highs ranging from 77 to 82. It’ll be so warm that you might even be able to go out in shorts and have a barbeque to celebrate the season.

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This is definitely unusually warm weather for Lubbock. Our December temps usually sit around a high of 59 to 54 and a low of 34 to 29. So, in my opinion, a high of 77 on Christmas day is a bit too toasty.

Despite the frustration around having a warm holiday this year, it’s still really rare to see a white Christmas in Lubbock, so that isn’t too disappointing. However, even if it doesn’t snow, I really like when it’s at least cold out during the holiday. Nothing feels more like Christmas than turning on the fireplace, snuggling up under a blanket, and drinking some hot cocoa.

If you are like me and prefer a cold Christmas, then I hope you are still able to make the best out of the warm weather and shill have a very merry Christmas.

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