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The coronavirus pandemic has, of course, taken a toll at Lubbock's South Plains Mall (6002 Slide Road). The bustling line of storefronts we've seen in the past have changed. It's clearly an uncertain time here for many well-known stores.

If you haven't been to the mall since COVID-19 first appeared in Lubbock in mid-March, you've probably wondered just how things there are shaping up these days. We had to go check on some of our favorite shops, boutiques and stores. It's very surreal and sadly apparent to see how some things have changed.

Every store has its own new hours, store rules, store capacity etc. posted out front. Here's what 10 of them are like now:

Are These 10 Stores in the South Plains Mall Open for Business?

Some stores were just gone, and for some it was difficult to remember what might have been there before. Some stores doing pretty good business. A few had lines out front. Some recommended masks, and some required masks. Many offered hand sanitizer and recommended social distancing.

There were huge, huge sales on many store windows. There were savings everywhere you looked for as much as 50 - 75 percent off. Clearly, stores are working hard to earn our business and taking measures to keep us safe.

We want to wish our South Plains Mall stores the very best as they make it through this difficult time. If you're thinking about shopping, maybe over the 4th of July holiday weekend, there are plenty of big sales to check out.

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