I guess Facebook is a lot like real life. You have your cool people and you have your clueless dorks.

Clueless dorks, this blog is for you. You are ruining my Facebook experience by loading up my news feed with your ridiculous crap. A buddy last night posted a pic of his sad little PBJ sandwich with the caption "mmmmmm". ??? WTF?

You're probably saying "Big, Just de-friend them," right? Well, you can't really do that when some of the clueless dorks I am referring to are friends or family! So for all of you clueless people out there let's review the major no-no's of Facebook.

  • Only post the things your friends actually want to see, like mind-blowing facts and major life updates.
  • Posts about religion, politics, or your workouts will get you BLOCKED.
  • Never like your own posts.
  • Everybody stalks . . . but don't get caught. Liking photos that are already several years old is the easiest way to get caught.
  • Don't have a conversation in the comments section. That's what texting is for.
  • Keep virtual PDA to a minimum. Treat it like real-life PDA.
  • Don't post every selfie you take.
  • Don't make people guess what's bothering you.
  • Don't invite friends to play all your online games.

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