Buzzfeed, in an article that seems suspiciously like an ad for the dating app Hater, asked us an important question this week: Do You Hate The Same Stuff Everyone In Your State Hates? I'm going to guess that your answer is probably not the same as what Hater's app data reported.

I hate people who don't hold the door open for people right behind them.

I hate the non-word "Irregardless"

And I hate tring on clothes that have the anti-theft device in an awkward place like the armpit. In other words, I hate normal things.

According to data from Hater, Texans specifically hate "sleeping with the window open". Huh? I mean, I don't want to be eaten alive by mosquitos or have to sell my kidney to LP&L either. But I would have never thought to complain about that specifically.

Here's some more fun states and what they specifically hate:

Kansas Hates Seinfeld

New Mexico Hates Polo Shirts (fair)

Colorado hates N*Sync. What has N*Sync done to you lately?

And Georgia hates Tuna Salad.

The full, albeit drawn wonky as heck, map is here.


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