Texas is a very recognizable state. In my travels, I've met people from around the world and no matter where they were from, they could tell you exactly where we are on the map. They also generally assume we all own horses. I only wish I had a horse.

According to a poll from Business Insider, our fellow Americans have, umm, opinions about our state that may not match our self-image. I thought we were the best, didn't you?

Texas scored highest in "Least Favorite State" and "Which State Would You Like To See Kicked Out of America". Well fine then, we didn't like y'all either.

The good news is that California caught some shade too with "Most Overrated" and "Craziest" (shouldn't that have been Florida?). But they also got "Hottest Residents" and "Favorite State" so it was a mixed bag.

At least we ain't like Alabama, with the "Ugliest residents" Yeowch.




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