A second trailer for Wes Anderson's 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' has debuted and this one is far more character-driven, giving us a who's who of the incredible line-up Anderson has collected for his upcoming film. It might be his greatest ensemble cast to date, with previous collaborators and newcomers in an exotic, elaborate setting that rivals 'The Darjeeling Limited.' Welcome to 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'! 

You'll spot previous Anderson stars like Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray (of course), Jeff Goldblum (can't get enough Goldblum), Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody, and Tilda Swinton  -- under about 80 pounds of old woman make-up. There's also newcomers like Saoirse Ronan, F. Murray Abraham, and Ralph Fiennes -- the latter two play the the film's protagonist both in past and present tense, respectively: Gustave H., a legendary concierge for the Grand Budapest Hotel, who recounts his adventures over the decades he served there.

During Gustave's time at the European hotel, a priceless Renaissance painting is stolen, a family fortune is disputed, and the concierge befriends a young bellboy who hopes to ascend to match Gustave's greatness -- all of which takes place between the wars that changed Europe in the 20th century.

The film also stars Edward Norton, Mathieu Amalric, Lea Seydoux, Jude Law, Harvey Keitel, Tom Wilkinson, and Owen Wilson, and hits theaters on March 7, 2014.

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