This Friday, February 10th, the Drive at 5, with yours truly, is having a dance party and you are invited!

During the 5’o clock hour, 102.5 KISS FM will have special guest DJ, Tommy The Hacker from our sister station 96.9 KISS FM Amarillo in the house for the 5 o’clock BOMBOOCHA!

He will be mixing up the freshest pop, dance, hip-hop and much more.

So join us this Friday for the Drive at 5, BOMBOOCHA STYLE, on 102.5 KISS FM.

About Tommy The Hacker:

“I was born in Hollywood, California, but grew up in Denver. Gooooo Broncos! Back in 2000, I was given the opportunity to crack open the mic for a radio station in Denver (Thanks to the DJ who got fired and gave me the shot!) I was ready to go live on the radio, and wrote down everything I was going to say, turned my mic on and went! My boss called me after and asked how far back was I from the microphone. Looking at the mic, I noticed it was backwards. Hahaha. That's how I knew I belonged in radio! Now I'm in the yellow city. Thanks Amarillo, for all your support!”

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