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After taking a week-long vacation in the Hub City, I can definitively say what think is the best way to spend your vacation in Lubbock.

Don't go anywhere. Don't do anything. Stay home and sleep.

Okay, the article isn't actually over yet. Wouldn't that be funny, though?

It's definitely a copout, but I think as an extremely introverted individual who has a hard time making time to do literally anything that having a week to do absolutely nothing and maybe catch up on some errands is magnificent.

Call me lazy, but I'll often leave little things like cleaning the kitchen, dusting and doing laundry unfinished because I just get worn out quickly during the normal work week. I come home after having been working and exercising and I'm dang tired. I don't wanna do the dishes. Ugh.

However, if I've got a week where I wake up every day and have literally nothing planned, it's actually manageable to get some housework done as well as having plenty of time to do whatever else I wanted to do (usually playing video games and sleeping).

So yeah, call me boring if you wish. I don't like bar-hopping, going out to shows or being outside in general, so I value getting to stay home and exist stress-free. It's heavenly.

I know those of you who need social interaction to recharge exist. I just don't relate. If you want to spend your hard-earned vacation time traveling the world, that's awesome. Tell me all about it when you're back. Just don't expect me to jump at the opportunity.

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