I was driving along Lubbock’s Loop 289 the other day when a certain interaction really irked me.

I was minding my business, driving along, when I noticed the person next to me trying to merge into my lane. Wanting to be considerate, I started to slow down slightly so they could merge in front of me. They also decided to slow down at the same time, so I sped back up to make room behind me.

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I thought it was a fine interaction and everyone was getting where they wanted to go, until they then merged to the next lane over, drove up next to me, flipped me off, and sped off.

I wasn’t initially bothered by it. I know how people are sometimes, and I knew I wasn’t in the wrong. They were just that kind of person.

That was until I saw the huge, and I mean HUGE religious sticker on the back of their car.

After seeing that, I did get a little upset. Not because of the action in and of itself, but because they are outwardly showing themselves to be a godly person but acting in a very ungodly way. It was just so hypocritical.

Keep in mind, this isn’t just about religious folks to me.

I feel the same for those that boast about how important it is to adopt your pets but end up buying a pure-bred dog for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars because the shelter “didn’t have the right breed.” If you need a herding breed to work on your farm, then you absolutely should spend the money to get the right breed, but if they are just going to be a suburban pet, then why aren’t you practicing what you preach and adopting?

I could also say the same for someone that preaches sustainability and ‘saving the turtles’ but doesn't recycle, or someone that claims they “hate gossip” but talks behind everyone’s backs, and many more examples.

The biggest point to this is that if you are going to present yourself as a person that lives by a certain moral compass, then you should act accordingly.

I don’t care if you flip me off, it really isn’t a problem for me, just don’t present yourself as a “holier than thou” person and then actively live with opposing morals. Just like it’s not my business whether you recycle, but if you tell others they should do it, you better do it yourself.

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