If you received your blue bag in the mail over the past few days; take some time and fill it up with non-perishable food items and help the National Association of Letter Carriers for the 22nd Annual "Stamp Out Hunger Letter Food Drive" right here on the South Plains.

The food drive will be on Saturday May 10th, and if you just put non-perishable food out by your mail box your mail carrier will pick that food up. All food collected will go to the South Plains Food Bank here in Lubbock. Last year, the 21st NALC food drive we collected more than 74 million pounds of food nation wide, which makes 10 consecutive years that the NALC has collected over 70 million pounds. Each year the South Plains Food Bank works closely with the NALC to help coordinate the resources to transport all the food collected on the day of the food drive.

Fill up the blue bag and help those in need right here on the South Plains.


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