One of the most refreshing cocktails to enjoy when going out to eat (other than the iconic Chilton) has to be a margarita. Something about the perfectly tart, ice-cold tequila cocktail just hits the spot every time.

Fortunately, living in Texas means that there is no shortage of great margaritas to go around. Whether you prefer something fruity, blended, or classic, there are a variety of options across the Hub City.

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I personally love a classic margarita, or one made with seasonal fruit. The perfect balance of sweet and tart with a salted rim is so refreshing. Especially while eating a nice and greasy plate of food.

Curious about what Lubbock has to offer, user Arctic_Duck8300 took to r/Lubbock to ask who has the best marg in town. They received 20+ comments in less than 24 hours, letting them know where to go.

While some spots were only mentioned once, others were repeated multiple times. Picoso's, Aspen Creek, and Uncle Julio's made the list more than once, with Picoso's seeming to have the largest fanbase.

Despite the popularity of some of these places, you have to give everyone a fair shot. So, here are 10 of the best places to get a margarita in Lubbock, according to Reddit.

10 Best Places to Get Margaritas According to r/Lubbock

These are some of the best places to get a good margarita according to this Reddit thread.

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