You know those PSA's we constantly play talking about not crossing the train tracks when the lights are on? This is why we play those.

Friendly reminder, it takes a train over a mile to stop. So if you're thinking about crossing those lights, don't. Looks like over in Luling, Texas just east of San Antonio a big rig thought they had enough time to cross the tracks. Now it looks like in the video, an intersection is directly behind the train.

I'm assuming, they were turning right onto this road with the tracks and that is why they didn't have enough time to make it through the tracks. Now for some reason once the warning sign came down on the windmill blade, the truck driver just stopped. Screw that man, get the hell off the track. The damage you would do to the warning sign would be FAR less than the damage from a train going through the middle of that thing.

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It's kinda tough to tell from the video, but I believe the blade gets plowed into a fire truck or another big rig. It looks like that prevented more damage from happening. It looks like it was maybe a foot away from taking out that light pole. Miraculously, no injuries have been reported. However, it is clear that windmill blade is toast and apparently the train is totaled as well according to a report from KXAN.

Now you probably see why your school bus driver always stops at the train tracks and takes a good look down both ways before crossing.

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