Texas ranks as the #7 most 'Hard Working' state, according to the sum of several metrics compiled by wallethub.com. It's hardly a surprise in a state that has historically valued the 'rugged individual'- folks who rely on themselves to get the job done.

Texas ranked #4 in 'Work Week Hours', which could be a double edged sword- are people working harder to get ahead, or simply to tread water? Is all that hard work paying off for Texans? The minimum wage is currently $7.25, but the living wage in Texas is $10.20. If you are working over 40 hours for $10.20 or over, then that extra hard work is possibly getting you ahead financially. Go ahead, give that number to your boss if you need help asking for a raise.

Afraid of standing up for yourself at your current job? Texas has an unemployment rate that reflects the average for the entire U.S., both come in around 4%. That's fairly low, so your odds of finding better employment are (hopefully) pretty decent.


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