I could not imagine being a nurse in these crazy times. Imagine taking proper precautions and being fired for it.

Over in Granbury, Texas, Tonya Randolph claims she was fired from the Granbury Medical Center. Apparently the hospital has a policy to not use masks unless you're dealing with a patient that has tested positive for Covid-19. Maybe you're thinking the hospital has a low supply of masks? The facility's spokesperson told the Dallas Observer they had an adequate supply of masks.

The reason for the staff not to be wearing masks was to not scare the other patients in the hospital. Randolph told her supervisor, 'If you can guarantee I will be doing no harm to my patients, I will remove my mask." To play it on the safe side, she kept wearing her mask around her patients. Two days later, Randolph says she received a text from a human resources representative that she was fired right before her shift was about to take place.

Randolph says none of her patients had a problem with her wearing a mask. She says she will have no problem finding a new job, but is considering legal action against the Granbury Medical Center for wrongful termination.

I really hope I am missing something with this story. I cannot believe with what is going on in the world. A nurse airing on the side of caution is being let go. It just doesn't make sense.

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