I will never understand how someone can get so upset about something that their response is to assault the person trying to help them.

An employee at a Mexican restaurant in Temple, Texas recently went viral on TikTok after security footage of a customer throwing soup in their face was posted. The video of the footage was posted just one day ago and already has over 5.7 million views.

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The footage shows a visibly upset customer going off on the restaurant’s employee. The woman then takes the container of soup that she had purchased from the restaurant and throws it into the employee's face before quickly leaving the establishment.

The caption on the video explains that the woman was so upset due to plastic getting into her soup. Even though she was offered a refund, she seemed to only want to argue with the employee, eventually throwing the soup out of anger.

After this footage was shared, the employee, Nelly, made a video explaining what happened.

According to Nelly, the customer had previously called the restaurant to tell them the soup she got was so hot that the lid melted into it. Nelly understood why the customer would be upset by this, so she offered a refund and other forms of compensation for the mishap.

This wasn't satisfactory to the customer, so she continued to yell and curse at Nelly. She asked the customer not to speak to her in such a manner, but the customer refused, leading to Nelly hanging up on her.

After calling back a second time and asking for a manager, Nelly complied and set the phone down to get the manager. By the time she returned to the phone, the customer had hung up.

This led to the incident inside the restaurant. The customer showed up with the soup, still very upset, and begins cursing at Nelly again. Out of concern for her safety, Nelly said she would call the police if the customer did not leave or calm down. The customer did not care about the threat of law enforcement and continued being rude. This is when the customer picked up the hot soup, throwing it into Nelly's face.

Although the soup wasn't hot enough to burn her skin, Nelly said that the spices in the soup made it feel like she had been pepper-sprayed and caused her nose to bleed.

Fortunately, there were others in the establishment that recorded the interaction and got the license plate of the woman before she was able to make her escape. Nelly said that she did call the Temple police and filed a report with the information gathered.

This customer’s behavior is absolutely unacceptable and disgusting. Nelly was being a good employee and only tried to help the customer get a refund. She did not deserve to be assaulted like that.

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