When planning your wedding, you typically want a photographer or videographer there to capture all of those special moments. How about a painter that will recreate those special moments live on your special day?

That’s what Houston, Texas artist Jeston Rodriguez does for couples all over Texas and the United States. Rodriquez is a professional live wedding and event painter that creates beautiful pieces of are to commemorate any special event you want to remember. Many people are choosing to have painters like Rodriguez attend their weddings in addition to a photographer in order to capture the moment in a different way.

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I recently saw the popularity of wedding painters increase through TikTok and I came across Rodriguez for the first time. There you can find her @renderedmoments on TikTok and she has some amazing work. She paints special moments from people’s weddings, including the first dance, the ceremony and more. She even adds details to the art, like the couple’s pets or clouds on the dance floor to make the painting feel even more special and really capture the feeling at that moment.

It's incredibly impressive to paint live like this because not only are you painting subjects that are constantly moving, but you're under a time limit and have to capture all the little details. Artists like Rodriguez do amazing work, and I would love to have someone do a live painting at my own wedding someday. It's something just a bit more special that you can hang up in your home for the rest of your life to remember that amazing moment.


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