No matter where you live, it is never a good idea to go walking around on your own in the middle of the night.

Whether you are traveling to a different city, or even in your hometown, it is never a good idea to walk around after dark. Especially if you are a woman by yourself. Unfortunately, there are some extremely messed up people in this world that are on the lookout for vulnerable people to take advantage of.

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I recently came across a sad reminder of this while scrolling through TikTok. User @kassieferrel was filming a video of Downtown San Antonio at night, when suddenly a blood curdling scream is heard echoing in the distance. There is a pause before another scream is heard and the video cuts off. See the original video below.

Although we don’t know exactly what happened to cause such a scream, many people in the comment section of the video assume the worst.

It is not uncommon for violent crimes to happen in San Antonio, even around the famous River Walk. There have been many cases of stabbings, brawls, sexual assault and more at the River Walk alone. That doesn’t even cover other violent crimes taking place in other parts of San Antonio.

We can only hope that the whoever let out those screams is okay and that nothing terrible happened.

Let this be a reminder to always stay safe. Avoid dark areas, travel in groups, and stay alert because you never know what might happen.

Original Video:

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