As coronavirus cases continue to rise around the country, particularly in the South and West, it’s become less and less likely that the delayed summer movie season would begin as (re)scheduled in mid and late July. According to the New York Times, the U.S. saw 36,975 new cases yesterday, almost 50 percent more than the daily total two weeks ago, while many states are reporting their highest number of infections of the entire pandemic. Even if theater chains follow through with their announced plans to reopen by July, they may not be legally allowed to operate in many parts of the country. Audiences might be too scared to show up even if they can leave the house.

So this news is not shocking: Warner Bros. is pushing back Christopher Nolan’s Tenet a second time. It had initially been scheduled for release on July 17, then moved back slightly to July 31 to accommodate theaters slowly reopening their doors. Now the movie will not come out until August 12 at the earliest. If anything, the surprising part is that Warner Bros. only delayed the film for another two weeks. What difference will two weeks make? In two weeks, things could be drastically worse than they are now. It’s hard to imagine them looking drastically better.

That leaves Mulan as the last holdout in July; it’s still technically slated to premiere on July 24. According to The Hollywood Reporter, however, that movie is “expected to push back” from that date as well. If I was a betting man, I wouldn’t put any money on either of these titles arriving before the fall. And if I was a sane man, I wouldn’t go near any theater showing them before then, even if they do come out.

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