I don't watch the Twilight movies or read the books, but no one in America, or even the world now, can claim they are unfamiliar with Taylor Lautner's famous abs. Well good news, because someone did a video with his personal trainer, Jordan Yuam. In it Jordan gave away the FIVE KEY EXERCISES that helped to sculpt Taylor's stomach. Guys you know you would kill for his man-rack, and ladies you have bikini season approaching FAST! So here are the most awesome ab tips ever, and yes they work for boys and girls:

#1.)  Hanging leg raises:  12 reps, two sets each.

#2.)  Diagonal isometrics:  12 reps, two sets each.

#3.)  A breathing exercise.  It's more strenuous than it looks, and you can try it in your chair at work or home right now.

#4.)  A second breathing exercise, similar to the first but working different muscles.

#5.)  Ball crunches.

Here's the video.

Now, again I tried the breathing thing right here at my desk and you can feel it right away. PLUS did you notice how her abs were blowing up after only 10 minutes? I think I found a new routine. when I start exercising regularly that is. But I can do the breathing stuff at work, so here I go.

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