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These are trying times, but there are some aspects of life under social distancing that I'd like to keep. To-go alcohol is what I want to keep.

Okay, maybe there's one thing about social distancing that rules. The rest is a little... uncomfortable.

However, I'm not sure there's anything as comforting to a West Texan than that first bite of a Combo Burrito from Taco Villa. With tons of hot sauce. And Mexi-curls. Seriously, ask any pregnant woman who's ever lived here what her cravings are. I can pretty much guarantee she voraciously wants a Taco Villa bean burrito. My daughter is basically made out of them.

Now you can take that comfort to a whole other level with a drive through Dr Pepper and Malibu. Flavor heaven! I also recommend it with a Blue Sky Cherry soda. It's important to keep some things in life on the sweet side.

This awesome combo is available at Taco Villa Cantina locations, so any Taco Villa that sells beer and margaritas -- like the one at 98th and Slide.

Thank you Taco Villa, for feeding us our favorites always.

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